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Reps. McCrery & Pomeroy: Budget Deal Should Mark Beginning of SSDI Conversation

For Immediate ReleaseNovember 2, 2015

Last week, Congress approved a budget deal which would make several changes to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, including a reallocation of the payroll tax from the old-age trust fund sufficient to extend the life of the SSDI trust fund for six years. In response to the deal, former Congressmen Jim McCrery and Earl Pomeroy, co-chairs of the McCrery-Pomeroy SSDI Solutions Initiative, said the following:

“We are pleased the pending insolvency of the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund has been addressed, removing the threat of steep benefit cuts through 2022. With the near-term funding crisis now behind it, we hope lawmakers will work together to truly improve the SSDI program for claimants and taxpayers alike.

The package includes several modest reforms to the SSDI program -- some in the spirit of the many ideas we have been collecting and sharing with policymakers in recent months – including measures to reduce fraud and an extension of demonstration authority which we hope will be used to test some of the ideas we’ve been exploring to maintain workforce attachment. Yet there is much left to do, and the momentum to improve SSDI must be maintained beyond the immediate funding crisis. SSDI is without question the most important disability benefit program in the country, and Americans expect Congress to continue to look for ways to improve the program. While avoiding insolvency takes the pressure off, Congress needs to consider this step the beginning of the conversation about how to best support Americans with disabilities, not the last word.” 


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