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Sources and Methods: The Build Your Own Tax Extensions tool is not a formal tax model but is designed to approximate the fiscal impact of tax policy changes relative to the Congressional Budget Office's February 2024 baseline, adjusted for subsequent legislation and executive actions and measured against CBO’s June 2024 baseline (because CBO’s June 2024 baseline extends only to 2034, estimates for 2035 debt, revenue, and gross domestic product are Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates). Numbers in this tool were developed by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget based largely on data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), incorporating some data from the Tax Foundation, Tax Policy Center, Penn Wharton Budget Model, Office of Management and Budget, Department of the Treasury, American Enterprise Institute, The Budget Lab at Yale, and Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The tool does not directly incorporate all interactions, though estimates of most provisions are generated assuming other parts of TCJA are extended, and in some cases the tool does roughly capture interaction effects. Estimates are based on conventional scoring but only partially capture behavior effects of larger changes to the tax code and do not incorporate dynamic macroeconomic feedback.