Build Your Own Child Tax Credit

The $2,000 Child Tax Credit has been the subject of frequent debate and modification. The Build Your Own Child Tax Credit tool allows users to design their own modifications to the child tax credit and understand the budgetary costs. Design your own plan below.

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Credit Size:

Note: The current law base credit is $2,000

The value must be between $0 and $10,000

The value must be between $0 and $10,000

Credit Phase-Out:

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Credit Alterations:

The value must be between 0% and 100%




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Source: Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget based on data from the Congressional Budget Office, Joint Committee on Taxation, Department of Treasury, Office of Management and Budget, Tax Brain, and Kyle Pomerleau of the American Enterprise Institute. Model updated 1/3/2024.
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Notes: This model is intended to provide rough estimates of the cost of different child tax credit proposals, relative to current law. Actual costs will differ, and we will continue to update the model. Year-by-year totals are by calendar years, while the total cost reflects fiscal years.