Weekend Editorial Roundup

Here are the highlights from this weekend’s editorials on fiscal and budget policy:

  • The Washington Post criticized the House health care bill because “it does not do enough to control costs.” Even though the CBO says the bill would be fully paid for, The Post questioned whether planned cuts to Medicare will actually be enacted.
  • The New York Times called for more economic stimulus to combat the highest unemployment level since 1983. As The Times bleakly noted, “At no time in post-World War II America has it been more difficult to find a job.”
  • In response to the latest unemployment numbers, The Wall Street Journal argued that the stimulus funds enacted under Presidents Bush and Obama have not worked, and Congress should resist calls for another round of stimulus. Keynesian economics has been discredited by the continued decline of the economy, The Journal said.
  • The New York Times decried the investor protection bill that passed the House Financial Services Committee last week. The Times faults an amendment that would exempt public companies worth less than $75 billion from the Sarbanes-Oxley auditing requirement.

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