US Budget Watch Releases Updated Charts Comparing Health Reform Bills

US Budget Watch has updated a number of charts comparing the latest versions of the health care reform bills. Included is the new Republican version of the House bill, the score of which Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released last night. The new Republican bill would reduce the deficit by $80 billion over ten years, and likely reduce it even more in the out years. It would only cover roughly 3 million more uninsured, however.

The updated charts by US Budget Watch include our analysis of the latest House bill, the new Republican proposal to come out of the House, and the most recent Senate Finance Committee bill to be scored by the CBO and the JCT. Our charts include:

  • A summary of major metrics, such as cost of coverage provisions and deficit projections
  • A summary of health care costs and savings
  • Gross cost of coverage provisions by year
  • The impact of the legislation on insurance coverage
  • The budgetary impact by year Projected Federal Medicare and Medicaid spending under current law

Finally, US Budget Watch is hosting an event tomorrow, "Will Health Care Reform Heal the Federal Budget?" It runs from 9:30-11:15; more details are available here. You can also follow the event on New Health Dialogue's Twitter Feed.