Preview of the President's Budget

The President has released a preview of the spending priorities in his FY17 budget, most of which are new although some were proposed in previous years. We collected a list of all the items in the preview, as well as other materials that the President released last week. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the President’s Budget once it’s released tomorrow at 11 a.m.  

New transportation initiatives including more TIGER grant funding
Nearly $20 billion per year
Rewarding state and local innovation; create new Climate Smart Fund; three competitive grants (21st Century Regions program, Clean Communities program, Resilient Transportation Program)
$10 billion per year
Expanding R&D for clean energy and funding for autonomous vehicles, safe integration of new technologies
$2 billion per year
Moonshot to eliminate cancer
$1 billion in FY 2017
Medicaid Expansion to make federal support available for any of 19 states that hasn't already expanded
No estimate in preview
Excise tax on employer sponsored healthcare
No estimate in preview
Expand opioid treatment
$1 billion over two years
Increase DOJ and HHS prescription drug overdose funding
$90 million in FY 2017
Food, Land, and Water Initiatives  
Agriculture and Food Research Initiative
$700 million in FY 2017 (not new funding)
Land and Water Conservation Fund
$900 million in FY 2017
Summer Food Benefits for Children
$12 billion over ten years
Computer Science for All
$4.1 billion over three years
Pell Grant Reforms
$2 billion in FY 2017
Community College Partnership Tax Credit
No estimate in preview
Work initiatives  
Connect Young Americans with Job Skills
$6 billion
American Talent Compact to attract jobs from overseas $3 billion
Career Navigators to help the long-term unemployed $1.5 billion
Unemployment Insurance reforms
No estimate in preview
Economic Mobility  
Mobility Counseling Pilot
$15 million in FY 2017
Emergency Aid & Service Connection Grants initiative
$2 billion in FY 2017
Promise Neighborhoods program funding (DofEd)
$128 million in FY 2017
Choice Neighborhood program funding (HUD)
$200 million in FY 2017
Retirement Savings Proposals  
Make Multiple Employer Plans more widely available
No estimate in preview
Triple tax credit for businesses that begin auto-enrollment
No estimate in preview
Expand savings options for long-term, part-time workers
No estimate in preview
Require some small businesses to offer IRAs and offer them a tax credit
No estimate in preview
Make myRA available more widely available
No estimate in preview
Propose rules to make retirement plan rollovers easier
No estimate in preview
Foreign assistance  
Colombia & FARC Peace efforts
$390 million in FY 2017
European Reassurance Initiative
$3.4 billion in FY 2017 (quadruple FY 2016 funding)
FBI headquarters consolidation
$1.4 billion in FY 2017