Design Your Own Social Security Plan

Social Security provides income security to millions of beneficiaries, but is on a road toward insolvency. The latest official projections show its trust funds will run out in 2034. At that point, all beneficiaries regardless of age or income will face an immediate 21 percent benefit cut.

CRFB’s interactive tool "The Reformer" allows users to choose from options to modify Social Security tax and benefit levels in order to close the program’s 75-year shortfall and keep it sustainable for future generations.

Design your own plan here

Lawmakers should start making changes now. Social Security insolvency is not that far away – when today’s 51-year-olds reach the normal retirement age. Thoughtful reforms enacted today can still promote growth, assure solvency, protect or enhance benefits for those who need them, and give workers and taxpayers time to plan and adjust. Waiting another fifteen, ten, or even five years to act will limit available options and put Social Security at risk.