Letter to Chairman Enzi Encouraging A Current Law Baseline

Below is a letter from CRFB to Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) encouraging the committee to use a current law baseline.

We appreciate your commitment to passing a Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution which puts our nation on a more responsible and sustainable fiscal course. It is essential that Congress pass a budget that credibly sets the country on a sound fiscal path without using gimmicks. Achieving this goal requires using the traditional current law baseline for scoring legislation and enforcing budget rules.

We are troubled by reports that the Budget Committee is considering using a so-called “current policy” baseline for tax reform legislation. This decision would represent a huge break in precedent, would weaken budget discipline to allow Congress to add over half a trillion dollars to the debt, and has no legitimate rationale in light of the 2015 PATH Act.

Read the full letter below or in pdf.