Wolf Airs Concerns on Fiscal Commission

In a publicly released letter to the co-chairs of President Obama’s fiscal commission, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) warned of the “deep and downward slide” of the US and international stock markets, attributing it to our fundamentally unsustainable fiscal path and “staggering and unprecedented debt.” As one of the original proponents of a bipartisan, broad-based Congressional committee to address this mammoth (and still growing) problem, Rep. Wolf raises concerns about the adequacy of the Obama commission’s funding.

Wolf points out that while the Commission’s budget is $500,000, the budget for advocating for the adoption of the Kenyan constitution is 4 times that much at $2 million. That does seem an awfully small amount to fund such an important effort.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for saving money, but given the importance of the task, and the hard work involved, we might want to make sure it is properly funded…with any additional funding fully offset, of course.