Watch: Committee Senior Vice President Testifies to House Higher Education Subcommittee

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Senior Vice President and Senior Policy Director Marc Goldwein testified before the House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Development, which has jurisdiction over education and workforce opportunities after high school.  

The hearing focused on the implications of President Biden's student loan policies. Goldwein's testimony explains how student loan actions since the pandemic have added $970 billion to the deficit and how the President's proposals are economically unjustified, regressive, likely to worsen inflation and lead to more borrowing, higher tuition, and more low-quality programs. The education system is in need of improvement and the President should instead work with Congress on broader reforms that focus on lowering the cost of higher education to eliminate unaffordable burdens on students and taxpayers.

Read Marc Goldwein’s full written testimony here.  

Watch the hearing here or below: