An Update on Our Chained CPI Resources

With the chained CPI becoming a frequent topic among commentators, CRFB has put together a great deal of new analysis, which may be helpful in clarifying a number of facts about the measure of inflation.

Recently, the Moment of Truth Project’s Ed Lorenzen testified at the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security, where he presented the merits of switching to the more accurate measure of inflation. We blogged on the hearing here and his full testimony is also available in writing, but now you can either watch the full hearing or highlights of Lorenzen’s testimony.

We have also updated our one-stop resource page for the chained CPI, which now contains a one-page summary of MOT's "Measuring Up" report, answers to some frequently asked questions about the chained CPI, and a correction of some common myths about the index. As before, it contains some of the most useful CRFB blogs on the chained CPI as well as outside analysis and resources.

CRFB's chained CPI resource page can be found here.