Student Body Presidents Ask for Compromise, Bipartisanship on the Debt Ceiling

As part of an initiative called Do We Have a Deal Yet?, 115 college student body presidents from over 40 states have sent a letter to President Obama and Congressional leaders, calling for a balanced and bipartisan solution to the debt ceiling and our longer-term debt problem. 

The non-partisan initiative started just last week in reaction to the gridlock that has gripped Washington (though we hope that has been lifted some by the Gang of Six plan). In addition, they support the Gang's plan as a "realistic framework from which to work."

Getting college students involved on this issue is important, since ultimately they will be the ones most affected by our action or inaction on the debt. We especially like the quote from Kaveh Sadeghian of the College of William and Mary, who appeared on CNN: "Our leaders are used to kicking the can down the road. Well, we’re that can, and we’re here to kick back."