Senate Hearing on Budget Process Reform

The Senate Budget Committee is holding a hearing on budget process reform called "Improving the Budget Process: Strategies for More Effective Congressional Budgeting", and it will include such topics as biennial budgeting and multi-year budgeting. CRFB President Maya MacGuineas is one of the witnesses being called to testify. This hearing will likely highlight the broken budget process and the need for comprehensive process reform and how it can be part of an overall strategy to fix our fiscal situation.

The Peterson-Pew Commission has spent the past two years looking at our budget process and has offered a plethora of needed reforms, many of which can be found in their report, Getting Back in the Black. Budget process reform is essential, but it will not replace the need to make tough budget decisions and craft specific policies to reduce the deficit.

The hearing is being webcast on the Senate Budget Committee's website.

Read Maya MacGuineas' written testimony here