Play Debt-O During State of the Union 2020!

Tonight, President Donald Trump will give his third State of the Union Address at 9 p.m. EST. During the address, we will be live tweeting, providing analysis and links to our relevant content, as well as providing fact-checks through our Fiscal FactCheck project.

The speech will presumably cover a variety of topics, but we hope the President addresses deficits and the national debt, as the deficit will total $1.02 trillion this year, marking the first trillion-dollar deficit in history not caused by the Great Recession. The current debt trajectory is unsustainable, and legislation passed during the past three years has worsened it, with the President signing legislation that has added $4.7 trillion to projected debt over the next decade and that is responsible for about half of the yearly deficit.

Throughout the speech, play along with our annual fiscal bingo game, Debt-O! Five customized boards make it easy to play with friends as you keep track of various budget-related words and terms used by the President.

Click here for a printable PDF of the Debt-O game boards.

After the address, be sure to visit our website for subsequent analysis and follow us on Twitter (@BudgetHawks) or below as we live tweet during the speech with the hashtag #SOTU.