Obama Nominates New Social Security Trustees

Today, the White House nominated Charles Blahous, III and Robert Reischauer. Both have been nominated to fill vacant posts for public trustees on the Board for the Social Security Trust Funds. These two public trustee positions are meant to represent the public on the Board in order to increase “confidence in the integrity of the trust funds.”

From 2001-2007, Chuck Blahous served as a Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, first covering retirement security issues and later also encompassing energy policy and has since been a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute.

Bob Reischauer served as the director of CBO from 1989 to 1995. Since then, he has worked at the Brookings Institution and is currently the president of the Urban Institute. He is also a member of CRFB’s Board of Directors.

CRFB would like to congratulate Chuck and Bob for being nominated.