Maya MacGuineas: Utah Statesmen Seek to Fix Our Most Pressing Problems

Maya MacGuineas is president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. She recently wrote an opinion piece for The Salt Lake Tribune, an excerpt of which is below.

Political paralysis may grip Washington, but two Utah leaders are seeking solutions to some of our nation’s most pressing problems.

Last month, Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, and other leaders from both chambers and parties introduced the Time to Rescue United States Trusts Act, or the TRUST Act. The bill would create bipartisan commissions to rescue the Social Security, Medicare and Highway trust funds before they run out of reserves.

Trust fund solvency may sound like an obscure topic, but it’s one that will affect nearly every person in Utah and the country.

Read the entire piece here.

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