Maya MacGuineas: Biden's Budget Reflects His Priorities, but Leaves Debt Unchecked

Maya MacGuineas is president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and head of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. She recently wrote an opinion piece for The Hill, an excerpt of which is below. 

One had to wonder how serious the White House was about their budget when they released it at the very moment everyone was heading out of town for a long-overdue three-day weekend. Questionable timing aside, budgets are a statement of an administration’s priorities, and there is a lot to learn from this one. 

Perhaps most notable is the very significant growth in the size and reach of government. The budget includes roughly $5 trillion in new spending and targeted tax breaks over the decade to reflect President Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan ($2.6 trillion), American Families Plan ($1.7 trillion) and discretionary spending increases ($600 billion). 

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