Marc Goldwein and Russ Latino: Congress Must Break its Addiction to Unjust Tax Extenders

Marc Goldwein is senior vice president and senior policy director at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and Russ Latino is vice president, economic freedom portfolio at Americans for Prosperity. They recently wrote an opinion piece for The Hillan excerpt of which is below:

It feels like Washington just can’t kick its addiction to special interest tax breaks.

Nearly 15 months after the expiration of the so-called “tax extenders,” The House is holding a subcommittee hearing Tuesday on these provisions. Senate Finance Committee leaders, meanwhile, have already proposed legislation to bring expired provisions back — and do so retroactively for last year.  

For years, Washington has resorted to making tax policy one or two years at a time, allowing harmful temporary tax provisions to expire, only to resurrect them in a seemingly endless cycle. That cycle must end; it is time to break this addiction once and for all.

Read the entire piece here.

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