Letter Urging Super Committee to "Go Big" Signed by Over 60 Business Leaders, Former Government Officials and Experts

Following CRFB's theme of urging the Super Committee to "go big," a group of more than 60 former lawmakers, policymakers, economists and business leaders have signed a letter to the committee's co-chairs, urging them to exceed their mandate and put our country on a sustainable fiscal path.

The signatories of the letter run the gamut, from former Members of Congress, to former CBO and OMB directors, budget experts, business leaders, and professors. Despite their varying perspectives and ideological differences, all of them support a comprehensive budget plan that significantly exceeds the Super Committee's $1.5 trillion savings mandate.

The letter states:

We believe that a go big approach that goes well beyond the $1.5 trillion deficit reduction goal that the Committee has been charged with and includes major reforms of entitlement programs and the tax code is necessary to bring the debt down to a manageable and sustainable level, improve the long-term fiscal imbalance, reassure markets, and restore Americans’ faith in the political system.

This letter adds to the growing number of voices who are looking for a large, comprehensive deficit reduction plan from the Super Committee. We have shown that saving $1.5 trillion over the next decade, while helping to fix the problem, will not be enough. The Super Committee represents a major opportunity to put our nation on a firm fiscal path. Luckily, the signers of this letter agree.

Click here to read the full letter and list of signatories.