House Appropriations Committee Publishes FY 2024 Community Project Funding Requests

In an effort to improve transparency around the appropriations process, the House Appropriations Committee recently centralized a list of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Community Project Funding requests. Community Project Funding, or better known as earmarks, allow for members of the House of Representatives to make requests to the Appropriations Committee for funding for specific projects for state, local, or tribal governments or certain nonprofits. Members often make requests to fund projects in the districts they represent.

Check out the member requests page here.

Congress observed a moratorium on earmarks until FY 2022, when the latest iteration – Community Project Funding – was introduced to resurrect the process. Unlike prior earmark practices, the House now requires information about requests to be made available online in a way that the public can access and scrutinize requests. Total Community Project Funding is also limited to 1 percent of discretionary spending.

The FY 2024 requests include Members' names, state, district, political party, and recipient address. Users can also see the amounts requested for specific projects and the rationale for the funding requests. 

Aiming for maximum transparency around the earmarking practice is good governance and a small but important step toward improving the budget and appropriations process.