A Helpful Budget Breakdown

CBO has gotten into the infographic game this year with some good results. Two days ago they released an infographic containing a basic breakdown of the budget and historical trends.

It breaks down this year's spending and revenue levels by source and goes into detail to define each part of the budget. It also details spending, revenue, and deficits as a percentage of GDP in certain years over the past four decades, along with debt levels and historical averages for all of these over the past decade. Additionally, it provides links to other important CBO publications, like their August baseline, long-term outlook, 2011 Budget Options, and analysis of the President's budget.

All in all, the infographic is a helpful resource for people to understand the basics of the budget and the composition of both spending and revenue. Click here to see the CBO infographic, and to see more information about the future budget outlook check out CRFB's PowerPoint Averting a Fiscal Crisis.