Goldwein and Moller: How Congress Cheats with Our Money — and How We Can Stop It

Marc Goldwein is senior vice president and senior policy director and Zach Moller is a senior policy analyst at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. They recently wrote a piece for the Fiscal Times, an excerpt of which is below. 

The U.S. is on course to top its record debt levels set after World War II, and permanent trillion-dollar deficits — meaning, forever — are likely to return within two years. And unlike after World War II, our debt is projected to keep rising after it hits a new record; meanwhile, we may see deficits in excess of $2 trillion in just 10 years.

How did we get here? Decades of gimmicks and tricks used by budget-writing wizards have allowed politicians to disguise unrestrained deficit spending. They have duped the American public and disadvantaged American children, who will pick up the tab.

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