Business Support for Go Big Grows

Going big is getting bigger. A letter to the Super Committee today from a coalition of business organizations that spans numerous industries underscores the growing support from the corporate community for the panel to go above and beyond its mandate. The letter garnered the support of 200 business organizations. A similar letter in September had 155 signatory organizations.

Specifically, the new letter addresses the need for a credible long-run debt reduction plan in order to secure the long-term health of the economy:

“What’s needed is a fiscal plan that stabilizes our debt level and then begins a process of reducing debt levels. The lack of a plan and path forward only brings more uncertainty with it and deficits today result in greater debt levels tomorrow, which left unchecked will result in future tax increases.”

The letter comes as time is running short for the Super Committee and concern is mounting over the economic implications of a failure of the Committee to act decisively. Check out CRFB’s Go Big page and videos for more voices supporting a comprehensive approach.