Videos of Lawmakers and Experts on the Need to Go Big

At our "Urging the Super Committee to Go Big" event on September 21st, we showed videos with a number of budget experts and former government officials, talking about our debt problem and the need for the Super Committee to Go Big and exceed its savings mandate of $1.5 trillion. Watch all of the videos below, and click here for more Go Big resources.

Go Big Introductory Video

A Big Problem Requires a Go Big Approach

A diverse group of thought leaders explains why the mounting national debt is a problem for the U.S. and why a "Go Big" approach to confronting it is necessary.

The Need to Go Big and How to Do It

There are lots of ideas -- and agreement -- on how to address the debt, as seen in the video below.

Will We Have the Political Will?

Former and current policymakers and opinion leaders weigh in on whether or not Washington will be able to make the tough choices necessary to get the U.S. back on a sustainable fiscal path.

An Economic Threat, But Also an Opportunity for Growth

Experts and thought leaders from different perspectives discuss the economic threat of the mounting U.S. debt and how dealing with it can benefit the economy.