Let's Get Specific Series

Let's Get Specific is where CRFB will compile a growing list of specific measures lawmakers can enact to reduce the federal deficit.  More explanantion-----

Spending Cuts                            

               10-Year Savings (billions)*

Item 1  
Item 2    
Item 3    

Tax Increases                          

               10-Year Savings (billions)*

Mortgage Interest Deduction
  Reduce the maximum mortgage on which interest can be deducted from $1.1 million to $500,000 $41.4
  Convert the mortgage interest deduction to a 15 percent tax credit $387.6
Gas Tax
  25 cent increase $305.1
  50 cent increase $604.8



 $346.5 - $992.4

* Amount saved based on CBO estimate of what each measure would save over a 10-year window, unless otherwise indicated.