What Should We Do About the Zombie Tax Extenders?

A year and a half ago, at the end of 2017, roughly 30 temporary tax provisions expired. In May 2019, a dozen groups from across the political spectrum – including the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners, the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, the Economic Policy Institute, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the Progressive Policy Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Concord Coalition, and Tax March – joined together in calling on Congress to allow these tax extenders to remain expired.

On July 19, 2019, we convened a luncheon discussion on the fiscal, economic, and tax policy implications of the tax extenders and a wide-ranging conversation on what should be done going forward.


  • Naomi Jagoda, The Hill (moderator)
  • Michael Farquharson20/20 Vision
  • Marc GoldweinCommittee for a Responsible Federal Budget
  • Russ LatinoAmericans for Prosperity
  • Adam MichelThe Heritage Foundation
  • Ben RitzProgressive Policy Institute


Watch the video of the event below.