Watch: Fiscal Challenges Facing the Next Administration

US Budget Watch 2024 is a project of the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget designed to educate the public on the fiscal impact of presidential candidates’ proposals and platforms. Through the election, we will issue policy explainers, fact checks, budget scores, and other analyses. We do not support or oppose any candidate for public office.

With the presidential campaign in full swing, there’s been limited attention on fiscal issues. Yet whoever wins the 2024 election will face enormous fiscal challenges, with debt approaching record levels, interest costs exploding, major trust funds approaching insolvency, and large parts of the budget and tax code expiring. Whether they like it or not, candidates cannot ignore the debt.

On August 23, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's SVP and Senior Policy Director Marc Goldwein hosted a virtual event to discuss the fiscal challenges facing the next Administration. Topics included the policies candidates have put forward so far to address the debt and CRFB’s principles for a fiscally responsible campaign. Goldwein also discussed what to look out for in the upcoming debate and what questions voters should be asking on the campaign trail. He took questions from the audience at the end.

You can view a video of the event below: