CRFB Event: The Moral Case for Addressing America's Fiscal Crises

The Case for Addressing America's Fiscal Crises

Thursday, January 16, 2014

12:00PM - 1:30PM

(Lunch will be served)



The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

1899 L St NW, Suite 400

Washington, DC 20036


Confirmed Panelists

Marc Goldwein, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Josh Good, Values and Capitalism Project, American Enterprise Institute

Rev. John Allen Newman, Senior Pastor, The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary Church

Dr. Jay Richards, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Faith, Works and Economics

Mark Tooley, President, Institute for Religion and Democracy


Rev. Dr. David Gray, Senior Fellow, New America Foundation


Congress and the White House grapple with difficult choices in trying to address our national fiscal woes. America's federal debt approaches $12 trillion and is scheduled to top $19 trillion by 2023. Unless serious action is taken, the growing federal debt threatens to crowd out capital, raise interest rates, and squeeze government's ability to respond to needs, fund programs, defend the country, and meet its obligations.

But what about the moral dimensions to America's fiscal situation? Are there ethical considerations involved with America's budget woes? What about the impact of federal, state, and local fiscal challenges on the poor and most vulnerable citizens? Are there generational equity issues? Are there faith based concerns about passing a large amount of debt to future generations? Or about the appropriate role of the federal government? Join the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget for a discussion of the morality, ethics, and economics of America's fiscal challenges.