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  • CRFB Budget Basics – A primer that clearly explains the federal budget and how it is put together and defines the often incomprehensible budget jargon.
  • Stabilize the Debt Online Budget Simulator – Puts you in the shoes of policymakers. Allows the user to make budget decisions and see how they affect the national debt. A great tool for understanding the tough decisions that will be required.
  • Deficit Reduction Plan Comparison Tool – Compare the major deficit reduction plans using this interactive tool. See the similarities and differences among various proposals.
  • Averting a Fiscal Crisis PowerPoint – Graphics clearly lay out the fiscal challenges facing the United States and the need to address them.
  • The Case for Going Big PowerPoint – Graphics succinctly present the case for a comprehensive, long-term deficit reduction plan.
  • The Bottom Line Blog – Stay up-to-date on the latest federal budget and fiscal policy news presented in an easily accessible format.
  • The Moment of Truth Project – Continues the mission of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Bowles-Simpson) in encouraging bipartisan action towards a comprehensive fiscal plan.
  • Go Big Resource Page – Find resources and support for a comprehensive approach to addressing the national debt.
  • U.S. Budget Watch – Seeks to promote a constructive and informed debate on our fiscal challenges and how to address them during the election campaign. Includes analysis of how the proposals of the presidential candidates will affect deficits and the debt.
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