Your One-Stop Shop for Information on the Chained CPI

Because there has been a lot of talk about the chained CPI lately, CRFB has created a brand new "Chained CPI Resource Page" to give readers one place to see all that information.

The page has background on the current consumer price index and the chained CPI. It also shows analyses from a variety of sources about the effects of the chained CPI on the budget, taxes, and Social Security in addition to links to outside experts and organizations who support using the chained CPI for inflation calculations.

As a reminder, the chained CPI would replace the current CPI for inflation calculations for cost-of-living adjustments for retirement programs and for various provisions of the tax code. The chained CPI is widely considered to be a more accurate measure of inflation since it more comprehensively accounts for the ability of consumers to substitute goods to avoid the full brunt of relative price increases.

Click here to view the chained CPI resource page.