Wyoming Residents Ask Politicians to Endorse Fiscal Commission

After a sold-out presentation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last week in which Fiscal Commission co-chair Senator Alan Simpson detailed the Commission's $4+ trillion long-term deficit reduction plan, over 200 Wyoming residents signed a letter urging their elected officials -- President Obama, Senators Enzi and Barrasso, and Congresswoman Lummis -- to endorse a compromise along the lines of the Commission plan, if not the plan itself. As a sign of bipartisan agreement on the letter, leading the signees are the chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties for Teton County (the county that Jackson Hole is in).

This letter is just one example of the support many citizens have for bipartisan action on a comprehensive plan that can set our nation on a sound fiscal path. The signers write:

"The political games must end. Everything needs to be on the table and compromise will be essential to success."

Sen. Simpson, a member of the CRFB board, spends much of his time on the road giving talks just like the one in Jackson Hole. With a little luck, he and other voices can help lead the discussion across the country toward promoting a long-term, comprehensive fiscal consolidation plan.

Check out the letter at the Concord Coalition's website here.