Welcome to The Bottom Line!

CRFB.org has just completed a major web redesign! We encourage you to explore the entire site, along with a whole new USBudgetWatch.org and Stimulus.org. We also want to introduce you to our new blog – The Bottom Line.

Like our “Budget Briefs,” previously housed at US Budget Watch, The Bottom Line will continue to keep you up to date on the most important news in the fiscal world. But we will also offer in depth commentary and analysis on everything from health care reform to tax policy to the economic crisis.

This week, for example, we expanded on our most recent budget update, using a number of charts and graphs to explain the ten year budget projections released by the Congressional Budget Office and Office of Management and Budget. We also joined the Washington Post and Financial Times in calling for a Fiscal Consolidation Plan. 

We hope you will continue to visit this blog on a regular basis, and add it to your RSS feeds. We also welcome comments and ideas on existing or potential posts.  

In addition, we hope you browse the rest of the website. In addition to The Bottom Line, CRFB puts out numerous publications each month on a wide array of topics. Many of our most in depth analyses can be found at the new US Budget Watch website. And we continue to monitor all stimulus and financial recovery spending through our new and improved Stimulus.org (formerly Stimulus Watch) chart.

These new websites have been a long time in the making. We would especially like to thank Philip Sugg, Troy Schneider, and Ryan Tincher for all of their hard work.