We Can All Throw Stones, But Let's Throw Ideas Too

We at CRFB have had our morning coffee and are trying to find ways to make the Fiscal Commission’s co-chair proposal better. CRFB president Maya MacGuineas has a few ideas this morning at CNN Money. But for the most part, it is a solid proposal full of good ideas.

Luckily, Paul Krugman says he can come up with a dozen ideas even before his morning coffee. Perfect. Since the co-chairs have changed the discussion by offering this proposal so that now, rather than throwing stones, people who don’t like it should offer alternatives (economist Brad Delong offered a great list just before the co-chair proposal came out), we eagerly await Krugman’s list.

We will republish it here as soon as it is released. Maybe he just doesn’t have the platform which is why he hasn’t published the ideas before?

Ok, well either way, we are sure he will now. So we are waiting…