Vote on the Best Way to SAVE Money

Earlier this year, the Administration launched a contest to let federal employees submit ideas to save the government money (at the time, we called this "A Gimmick We Like"). 38,000 suggestions later, the final four have been nominated -- and the public gets to vote on the winner. Among the nominees (by way of Peter Orszag) include:

  • Make Social Security appointments online, from Christie Dickson of Alabama.
  • Cut red tape in the way visitor fees and other funds from National Forests are deposited in the government’s bank account, from Julie Fosbender of West Virginia.
  • Let veterans leaving VA hospitals keep the medications they’ve been using instead of throwing them away upon discharge, from Nancy Fichtner of Colorado. 
  • Streamline redundant inspections of subsidized housing – saving inspectors’ time and taxpayers’ money, from Huston Prescott of Alaska.

Vote today, because the winner will be chosen on December 10th.