Updated: CRFB's Table Comparing Deficit Reduction Plans

Over the past few weeks, several other think tanks, lawmakers, and experts have proposed their own plans for deficit reduction. We've update our comparison table of all the deficit reduction plans to give people a better sense of all the existing plans. The table is a great resource for comparing how each plan would strengthen Social Security's solvency or reform other spending and revenue programs, including domestic discretionary programs, defense, health care spending, other mandatory programs, tax expenditures, tax reform, and budget process reform. We've also included projections for how much several of the plans would reduce our debt-GDP ratio, as estimated by each plan where applicable.

Recent additions include the Center for American Progress 50/50 plan, Andy Stern's plan, the Americans for Tax Reform's Plan, and the "Our Fiscal Security" project's plan (a plan supported by the Economic Policy Institute, Demos, and the Century Foundation).

CRFB will continue to update the table as additional plans are proposed.