Tim Penny & David Minge: Our Trillion-Dollar Problem Deserves Bipartisan Attention

Tim Penny is co-chair and David Minge is a board member of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Both are former representatives from the state of Minnesota. They wrote an opinion piece for Roll Call, an excerpt of which is below: 

Our nation is now staring at trillion-dollar annual deficits. The Congressional Budget Office in a report this month warned the nation once again that our yearly red ink could top $1 trillion as soon as next year. Our national debt is projected to grow faster than the economy — forever.

How many warnings will it take for our leaders to pay attention? What is the tipping point that will force our leaders to act?

During the past two years, our Congress and president ran up a massive bill, adding $2.4 trillion of new debt over the next decade. 

Read the entire piece here.

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