Tax Writers Assemble!

With tax reform growing as a topic of discussion in DC, the two leaders of the tax-writing committees in the House and Senate -- Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) and Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) -- have teamed up to move the process forward. In addition to their separate work within each committee discussing options and writing drafts of reform legislation, the duo has now launched a joint website and a Twitter account @simplertaxes.

The website explains that its main purpose is to solicit comments from the general public, and it gives a form on the front page for visitors to do so. As the site says:

Every week Congress has been in session for the past two years, one of us has made the short walk across the Capitol to the other's office. We crowd into a room with our policy experts to chart a path to our mutual goal—comprehensive tax reform. While we are from different political parties, we agree that America's tax code is broken. That is why we have been working together as the chairmen of Congress's two tax-writing committees to make it fairer for families and spark a more prosperous economy.

We’ve launched this Web site,, to give you the opportunity to provide your input, and we are active on Twitter (@simplertaxes) as well. No need to travel to Washington. Through the use of social media, we want all Americans to participate directly.

In addition to its public feedback form, the site also proves to be a helpful resource. It lays out the rationale for tax reform and, importantly, provides links to hearings, options papers, and discussion drafts that each Committee has had in the past few years. 

The website is worth checking out both as a resource and as a way to get involved in the process. You can submit your comments here.