Steve Liesman, Don't Do It - The Country Needs You

CNBC’s Steve Liesman attended the “Avoiding a Government Debt Crisis” conference convened by the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform yesterday and came away more than a little depressed.

On Squawk Box this morning (see clip below at the 2:36 mark) he deadpanned that after listening to the speaker’s yesterday, that the “correct solution is probably suicide” because of the “intractability of it all.” The purpose of yesterday’s event certainly was to get across that our fiscal problems are severe and require real action, and the Commission’s report, Red Ink Rising, does prescribe strong medicine in the form of setting an ambitious fiscal goal of stabilizing the federal debt at 60 percent of GDP by 2018. But we need Steve, and other knowledgeable commentators, around to help us get there.

Don't do it Steve: we have a six-step plan detailed in the Red Ink Rising report that can help get us out of this mess in a much more healthy way.