State of the Union Bingo!

UPDATE: Debt-O terms that were not used in tonight's State of the Union address - Tax Reform, Entitlements, Tax Expenditure, Fiscal Plan, Revenue, Retirement Age, GDP, and Recovery - we hope you still won!

Looking for a way to make watching tonight's State of the Union address more fun?

Try Fiscal SOTU Bingo! We'd like to call it...Debt-O. Click here to download ten DEBT-O boards for you and nine of your friends to play during the President's State of the Union address.

And don't forget to follow CRFB (@BudgetHawks) as we live tweet tonight's speech! We'll pull out all the important statements President Obama makes concerning spending, taxes, the deficit, and our nation's mounting debt.

Here is an example of what one Debt-O board looks like:


Don't forget the Debt-O chips to place on the board!


(Hat tip to Lydia Ogden from the Fiscal Commission for the idea.)