Senator Judd Gregg Increasingly Involved in Deficit Reduction Talks

The Hill has an informative article today on how former chair of the Senate Budget committee, former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) is increasingly involved in helping sway Republicans to go for a comprehensive, bipartisan deficit reduction plan. Gregg, a member of the Simpson-Bowles Fiscal Commission, and someone who voted in favor of the plan, told The Hill that he hopes to "offer any assistance to reinvigorate" the Simpson-Bowles plan. 

Gregg is attempting to get a comprehensive deal done and is trying to urge members of each party to get something done now. The viable vehicle going forward, he says, is Simpson-Bowles:

“I do genuinely believe the Simpson-Bowles commission is the only viable [blueprint] out there that is bipartisan and substantive.”

We at CRFB are pleased that Senator Gregg is involved in these negotiations and helping lead the Senate towards a comprehensive debt deal. But it's not just ex-Senators who can get involved. Ordinary citizens as well can join the push for putting our budget on a sustainable path. Click here to learn more.