Roll Call Highlights CRFB's Commitment to a Bipartisan Solution

It's clear that any solution to control our rising debt will have to be bipartisan, not only to enact savings put to see them through and ensure they materialize. That's why CRFB is committed to a bipartisan approach, and is willing to work with lawmakers across the political spectrum who want to tackle our debt challenges.

In that vein, Roll Call ran a piece yesterday on the efforts of CRFB and it's president, Maya MacGuineas, to help bring objective and trustworthy analysis into the process of forging the bipartisan support necessary for debt reduction. There are also so many business groups, experts, former government officials, and current lawmakers -- including over 100 members of the House and 45 Senators -- who are honestly confronting the challenges we face and calling for a big, bipartisan solution and who will need to be profiled too. But we'll let you read the article for yourself.