Plenty of 'Hues and Cries' Here

In an article today from Huffington Post, Hue and Cry, Former South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings takes aim at organizations, experts, and policymakers for not raising “hues and cries” about jobs, taxes, immigration, and budget deficits.

Of particular interest to us, Hollings takes aim at the President’s 2011 budget, calling out several organizations, including the Peterson Foundation and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, for not being up-in-arms about deficits “in excess of $1 trillion each year, every year, for ten years.”

A note on the facts: Far be it from us to defend the untenable deficits in the President’s budget, but they just aren’t larger than $1 trillion each of the next ten years. They drop to below $1 trillion from 2012-2018. They are awful – but no need to exaggerate.

A note on the substance: CRFB been commenting on the President’s budget for the better part of two and a half months (see our Analysis of the President’s Budget, past releases, and past blogs) and has criticized the Administration for some of the actions they propose to take - those we believe would make our fiscal situation far worse.

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