Our "Sexed Up" Website

In his Sunday Wonkbook post, Ezra Klein highlighted CRFB’s Stabilize the Debt interactive online game, which allows visitors to pick and choose for themselves the policies and programs to cut in order to balance the budget and reduce the federal debt at 60 percent of GDP.

The national debt and how it should be reduced is a topic too easily weighed down by complex and confusing vocabulary, and Klein says that the Stabilize the Debt game helps to clarify and “bring discipline and realism” to a persistently difficult-to-answer question. “’Debt' isn’t a buzzword, it’s a math problem,” says Klein, and the Stabilize the Debt game can help us learn how to solve it. Thanks, Ezra.

Ezra’s column addresses the magnitude of the changes necessary to bring our debt to a sustainable level, the same changes we illustrate in the interactive game on our (according to Ezra) “sexed up” website. We encourage everyone to check it out for themselves at https://crfb.org/stabilizethedebt.