Our Favorite 11 Blogs of 2011

So you thought all of the 2011 retrospectives were done now that we're in the new year? Well, we have one more to contribute.

The first part of our lookback on 2011 is our favorite 11 blogs of 2011. Considering that we wrote 630 blogs last year, narrowing it down to our choice 11 was very difficult.

The blogs of the year address health care, Social Security, taxes, the long-term budget outlook, and various fiscal policy developments that arose as Congress and the President turned their attention toward addressing the debt.

As a side note, the blogs are not ranked by importance, but rather by chronological order. Also, we have thrown in related or follow-up blogs where applicable.

Without further ado, here are our favorite 11:

  1. What Happens if the Budget's Assumptions Aren't So Rosy? (and the follow-up We Could've Told You)
  2. Raising the Retirement Age Still Is a Good Idea (and the related Trustees Report Strengthens Case for Retirement Age Increase and Actually, Raising the Medicare Age Is Also a Good Idea)
  3. Ending Tax Breaks Will, In Fact, Help the Budget
  4. Understanding the Long-Term Budget Projections (and the related CBO Makes the Case for Strict Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Rules)
  5. The Facts on the Chained CPI
  6. The Gang of Six...Simplified
  7. Agreement on Debt Limit Increase (and its predecessor Comparing the Reid and Boehner Proposals)
  8. How Other Countries Have Regained AAA Ratings
  9. Could a "Go Big" Approach Increase the Chances of the Super Committee Succeeding? (and the related Let's Add On Instead of Claw-Back)
  10. How to Save $600 Billion in Health Care While Protecting the Disadvantaged (and the follow-up Finding $600 Billion in Health Savings, Continued...)
  11. The Importance of the Sequester

2011 also saw the creation of a number of new tools and pages on the CRFB website. They are:

Finally, here is a representation of the words we used in our blog last year.

Happy New Year!