Obama Appoints Four More to the Deficit Commission

President Obama has named his remaining appointees to the Commission, including David Cote (CEO for Honeywell International), Alice Rivlin (former CBO Director and OMB Director), Andy Stern (president of the Service Employees International Union) and Ann Fudge (former CEO of Young & Rubicon Brands).

Named members now include:

  • Eskine Bowles (Democratic Co-Chair)
  • Alan Simpsons (Republican Co-Chair)
  • Alice Rivlin (Presidential Appointee - Democrat)
  • David Cote (Presidential Appointee - Republican)
  • Andy Stern (Presidential Appointee - Democrat)
  • Ann Fudge (Presidential Appointee - Democrat)
  • Kent Conrad (Senate Democrat)
  • Max Baucus (Senate Democrat)
  • Dick Durbin (Senate Democrat).

We expect more appointments soon.