Next Stop on the National Debt Tour: Roanoke, Virginia

Today, the National Debt Tour -- a nationwide discussion with policymakers, fiscal experts and business leaders pushing for a major deficit reduction solution in 2012 -- hits Roanoke, Virginia.

After stops in Boston and New YorK City, the tour promoting a "Go Big" approach to addressing the national debt comes to Virgina, with a forum hosted by Ferrum College that features Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) of the Senate’s “Gang of Six” bipartisan deficit reduction group, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), and Rep. Robert Hurt (R-VA). Budget experts Dr. Joe Minarik of the Committee for Economic Development and Dr. Paul Posner, former Director of Federal Budget and Intergovernmental Relations for the GAO will also give informative talks about our current fiscal issues. 

The event should offer a timely and provocative conversation on the immense fiscal problems the country faces as well as an insight into what must be done in order to ensure an effective political solution. As with all stops on the Tour, it will be a great opportunity for citizens to learn about and get involved in the very important budget debate.

The forum will be broadcast live at this link.