My View: Maya MacGuineas August 2012

Yesterday in the Coeur d'Alene Press, CRFB President Maya MacGuineas wrote an op-ed touting the Campaign to Fix the Debt and its upcoming stop in Boise, Idaho. In it, MacGuineas notes that the campaign is trying to get policymakers to reach a deal on our debt before it further threatens our economy and the courage of some lawmakers in trying to reach a deal. Further, MacGuineas notes it is not all "doom and gloom" in Washington right now.

She writes:

I am often asked what everyday people can do to influence this crucial debate. My answer is to (1) thank those elected officials who have already committed themselves to the cause and (2) make sure, during the fall campaign and beyond, to press candidates and officeholders to explain exactly what they will do to fix America’s finances and avoid saddling our children and grandchildren with a crippling debt burden. I also encourage them to sign up to receive more information on the issue and join the cause at

Despite all of the roadblocks and inertia that confront those seeking to bring people together, across party lines, to find common ground on this issue, I am convinced that it can and will happen. But not without a groundswell of grassroots support that lets every politician know that kicking the fiscal can down the road is no longer acceptable—and may be harmful to their political health.

While there certainly are brave lawmakers in Washington trying to forge a bipartisan consensus on debt reduction, we’re not there yet. We need every American’s help to get a meaningful deal done. In the past, this country’s greatest challenges have inspired some of our finest moments. I am confident that this can be one of those moments.

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