MY VIEW: Judd Gregg June 18 2012

Former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) has an op-ed in The Hill this morning titled, "Lawmakers Haven't Run Out of Time to Craft a Bipartisan Deficit Deal." In it, Senator Gregg points out the need for a bipartisan deal, and notes that "Simpson-Bowles, was, and is the only bipartisan, substantive vehicle that actually reduces the deficit and the debt and makes viable our tax code and programs like Social Security."

On the need for both parties to get behind the plan, Senator Gregg continues:

The other choice is to pursue a renewed effort based on a bipartisan and relatively-balanced approach, as set forth in Simpson-Bowles and expanded on by the various working groups in the Senate.

The American electorate is obviously out of sorts with the nonfunctioning, partisan atmosphere they see in Washington. It is difficult to believe voters are going to find the approach of chaotic cuts as the type of governing they want or expect.

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