MY VIEW: Dan Crippen

In today's Washington Post, CRFB board member Dan Crippen makes the case for closing the tax loophole for online retailers.

Mr. Crippen argues that the tax break harms local retailers that pay state and local taxes, create jobs, and contribute to the local economy and community. He also points out that because online retailers can escape sales taxes, "state and local governments will be forced to rely more heavily on personal and corporate income taxes, undermining consumption taxes that economists mostly favor." He concludes:

"States are under enormous fiscal pressure. All states must balance their budgets, and the erosion of the sale tax base means less money for education, transportation, infrastructure and the myriad services that states uniquely provide.

There are thousands of organizations focused on Washington, trying to preserve federal funding for their specific programs while Congress tries to cut spending. Constituents might be well served if lawmakers closed this glaring loophole so states can collect what they are owed, and helped prevent the creation of other special-interest exemptions."

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