Millennials Call for a Comprehensive Debt Deal

The generational burden of debt is one of the best arguments for millennials to get involved with the issue of deficits and debt. We've noticed many younger voters have begin to speak in favor for a bipartisan plan to resolve our debt problem. In that vein, a grassroots campaign called The Can Kicks Back will formally launch today at 6 PM at The George Washington University. The group is devoted specifically to the impact of debt on millennials.

The launch has attracted attention over at Wonkblog. The group has set a goal of reaching a comprehensive debt deal by July 4 of next year. As group president Ryan Schoenike says about the effort:

The debt is now the top of line issue for most young people. We believe it’s the most important issue...Not addressing this issue leads to a lower situation — higher taxes, less jobs, more debt.

The Can Kicks Back currently has a number of ways for interested millennials to get involved. There is the 30 Second Challenge, where people are encouraged to make one 30 second phone call to their Member of Congress each week. They also have opportunities to volunteer and opportunities to become a Campus Leader to bring the issue to the forefront in college campuses across the country. Millennials have a big stake in how our fiscal policy plays out in the coming months, both in the short term and the long term, so we hope to see them active in the budget debate.

Click here to read the full piece from Wonkblog and here for more information on TCKB's launch event.